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Affordable Solar Panel Installation in Killeen, TX

Our #1 solar panel installation company believes in a sustainable future. That's why we offer the BEST solar panel installation services Killeen has to offer. Here at Solar Solutions Killeen, we save customers money while cleaning the environment. Our experienced professionals strive to make solar easy and affordable.

Here at Solar Solutions Killeen TX, we offer:

- Solar Panel Installation

- Solar Panel Repair

- Solar Panel Maintenance

- Solar Panel Cleaning

- Solar Panel Upgrades

- Battery Backup Systems

- Solar Panel Financing

- Inverter Installation and Repair

- Solar Panel Removal and Relocation

We take pride in providing outstanding customer service. Join us for a brighter future!

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Looking to cut back on those insane energy bills and help the environment? Well we install solar panels just for that! Our company installs solar panels on homes and businesses in Killeen, TX. We have financing options making solar panels affordable for everyone. Why wait? Contact us today for solar panel installation information!

Solar Panels on Roof
Panel Repair

Need your solar panels fixed? We've got you covered! We're a local company that specializes in solar panel repair and maintenance. Our dedicated technicians can fix any issue under the sun! We guarantee our work and use top-quality parts and materials. Call us today if your solar panels are falling apart. We'll get your panels back up and running in no time!

Panel Repair

Keep your solar panels working at their best with our regular maintenance service! Our task is to inspect and clean your panels. We'll test your inverters and other components. Solar panels last longer and produce more energy with regular maintenance. We can also detect issues before they cause major damage. Our maintenance service is affordable and convenient. Not only that, we'll schedule and clean up at your convenience. Call us today to learn more about our solar panel maintenance service!


Let us clean your solar panels so you can save money and the planet! Solar panels save money and reduce your carbon footprint. They can lose efficiency as they get dirty and dusty. That's where we come in! We offer a professional solar panel cleaning service that will have you amazed! You can trust us to clean your panels without damaging them! The price of our cleaning service is reasonable, and it is quite affordable. Call us today to learn more about our solar panel cleaning service!

Solar Panel Upgrades

Our expert service improves solar panel performance and efficiency. We maximize your investment in a well-functioning solar panel system. Our solar panel upgrade experts have years of experience. We can upgrade, replace, or improve your system. Our custom solutions maximize energy output and fit your needs. Our team uses superior materials to install long-lasting solar panel upgrades. Call us ASAP to learn more about how you can have a more sustainable future today!

Battery Backup Systems

Keep your lights on during a power outage with our battery backup system! A battery backup system keeps your lights on during a power outage. By storing solar energy, it can reduce energy costs. We have battery backup systems for every budget. We'll help you choose and install the perfect system for you. Our battery backup systems are easy to use and maintain. When choosing us, you can rest easy knowing that the lights will stay on during outages. Call us today to learn more about our battery backup system service!

Solar Panel Financing

We offer solar panel financing that makes it easy for anyone to go solar. We offer flexible financing. We'll help you get started with solar financing. Our solar panel financing lets you immediately cut energy costs. You can relax knowing you're helping the environment. Call us today to learn more about our solar panel financing!

Inverter Installation and Repair

We've got you covered for all your inverter needs! We offer inverter installation and repair services for both residential and commercial properties. Our skilled technicians can install or repair any inverter. Inverters are crucial to solar power systems, and we pride ourselves on providing the best service. We offer fast and affordable installation and repair services, and we always guarantee our work. Call us for inverter installation or repair today. We'll have your solar power system up and running in no time!

Solar Panel Removal and Relocation

Our solar panel company understands that sometimes we need to move solar panels. We remove and relocate solar panels for our clients! Our experts can safely remove and move your solar panels across town. We remove, transport, and reinstall the panels at your convenience. We move your solar panels safely and efficiently using top-notch materials and technology. Contact us today to learn more about our solar panel removal and relocation service and how we can simplify your move!

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